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From "Keith N. McKenna" <>
Subject Re: [User Docs] End of effort to get AOO v3.4 Getting Started Guide finished
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2012 13:57:50 GMT
Alexandro Colorado wrote:
> On 12/1/12, Keith N. McKenna <> wrote:
>> After 3 months of frustration it is time to end the effort to get The
>> Getting Started Guide that had been started for AOO 3.4 completed.
>> Despite repeated requests for help on the ODFAuthors list it is apparent
>> that either the Authors that had been working on Open Office docs are
>> either no longer interested or are working strictly on the LO books.
>> Alexandro Colorado made an attempt at getting the Base Guide done but
>> was not able to get any responses to his requests for comments on his
>> markups and changes and decided to put it on hold until he did. As far
>> as I know he is still waiting.
> For the record I pause my contribution to Base based on real life
> things I needed to take care of. However on the other side, I have
> been succesfully mentoring students on contributing to the spanish
> version of this guide. Have been releasing new chapters every other
> day and hope to finish all the chapters and guide quite soon.
> I descided to help on Base because I had some paid work on developing
> courseware for a corporate training but the course got cancelled and
> the funds with it. :(
> Hopefully new opportunities will come and would be able to re-start my
> involvement and bill my hours to the client.
>> One other volunteer stepped up from an inquiry on this list and gave
>> valuable help. Prabha again thank you very much for your work and I hope
>> that you will get involved with the defining of a new documentation
>> project.
>> With only 2 people actively working it is not possible to give the work
>> the quality review and editing that it deserves to have the Open Office
>> name attached to it.
>> Reluctantly unless someone with the requisite skills in technical
>> writing and publishing that I do not have can lend a hand I feel it is
>> best to end the effort and not waste anymore of anyone's time.
>> I will continue to contribute where I can, but that is difficult or
>> someone who is not a developer.
>> Regards
>> Keith N. McKenna

My most sincere apologies for any unintended misrepresentation on my 
part. My comments were based on the last conversation that I had with 
you here on the list. You had stated then that you had the base efforts 
on hold waiting for feedback on your previous comments.

Again my apologies for my inadvertent misrepresentation. I wish you the 
best with your efforts on the Spanish versions.


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