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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: info: Additional Licensing requirements if any for use of Open Office for Professional Work in Companies
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2012 18:44:05 GMT
anand.vasappanavara wrote:
> Thank you for your reply & wish you a happy & a prosperous new year 2013.
> Please do not mind me asking but can you let me know your views on Libre
> Office (documentation foundation) & Open Office org (Apache foundation)

This is a legitimate and natural question, but, due to the large number 
of subscribers to our mailing lists (some of whom have strong feelings 
on the matter) and due to the OpenOffice project policy (all 
project-relevant discussions are held in public, so everybody can have a 
say), it can derail a good discussion like this one into a chaos of 
factoids and personal preferences.

So, considering that we are on an OpenOffice mailing list, I'll just 
state things that you probably already know, i.e., that OpenOffice 
decided to have relatively infrequent (i.e., one in 3-6 months or so) 
releases, focusing on careful testing and quality (for example, the 
OpenOffice source code contains translations in 100+ languages but the 
project decided to release only those languages that are fully 
translated; and new translation volunteers are showing up on a nearly 
daily basis). I've already described the license in my previous message. 
And a good thing of free and open source software is that you can always 
try and make your own opinion!

> If the Open Source usage drive is successful in one Tata company, it
> will then rapidly penetrate into our other 70 odd companies in India &
> the world.

I really wish you the best. It would be nice if you kept us informed if 
you decide to try OpenOffice. And, if you need any help or want to 
suggest possible improvements, you are welcome to contact the "dev" 
mailing list (the right one for generic questions; no need to add other 
mailing lists) again.


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