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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] New Apache OpenOffice 4 logo proposals...
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2012 16:38:19 GMT
     Hi Michael,

thanks for investigating here. While I like the original orb and the 
colored rects seem to lead to windows trademark stuff, what about:

- only slightly changing the AOO logo
- replacing the orb with a shape also very popular today
- keeping the color, keeping the seagulls
...but as shape, take the now famous 'app' form - a rounded rectangle 
instead of the orb, using exactly the dimensions of app logos, and the 
color blending of app logos (they use some 'bow' on the middle, making 
the upper half slightly lighter than the lower one).
Just as on iOS devices. Maybe looking nice ;-) Will look modern :-)


On 20.12.2012 02:33, Michael Acevedo wrote:
> Greetings to the AOO Team!
> Hello, after a few months of inactivity I've decided to get back in touch
> with the AOO community. First, congratulations to the AOO team on
> a successful graduation into a top-level Apache project from the Apache
> Incubator.
> Now the reason on why I am writing this email is to formally submit a logo
> proposal for the next version of the Apache OpenOffice 4.X logo.
> Previously, I submitted an initial logo on the Apache OpenOffice Google+
> community but I went back to the drawing board and created a second version
> of the logo that both pays respect to the previous Apache OpenOffice orb,
> but modernizes the look of the overall logo by adding 4 colored squares
> that represent the four corners of our office suite (Writer, Calc, Impress,
> and Base) and utilizing a streamlined font.
> Without further introductions, below I present my official submission for
> the Apache OpenOffice 4.X logo.
> This first logo, is the proposed official logo for the project that would
> be used for our webpage and some other materials.
> There's a secondary logo, which is basically the same logo but changes the
> proportion of the OpenOffice orb making it better suited for the splash
> screen that appears at the launch of the application.
> Hope you guys like it and Happy holidays!

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