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From Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <>
Subject Re: Request mwike account or something to that effect
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 13:44:01 GMT

On 12/12/2012 08:14 PM, Ed Bradford wrote:
> I would like to ask a question about how to
> write a macro that can dynamically discover a table to sort.
> Having to define each "range" and each macro to sort each range doesn't
> work for me.
> I might be missing something, but I simply wanted to ask my question:
> How can a Macro dynamically discover the range of data to apply its logic
> to?
> Ed Bradford
> Pflugerville,TX

Greetings from Ohio Ed....

You can find some examples of dealing with text tables in OOME on my web 

You can obtain the table list directly, and iterate through the tables.

You can iterate through the text content and recognize tables when you 
find them (but this requires a bit more work if you have tables inside 
of tables, text frames containing tables, or text sections containing 

If the cursor is inside of the text table, then you can find the text 
table that contains the cursor directly. I would need to do a bit of 
reading to remind myself if you can get this directly from the "view 
cursor" or if you need to create a text cursor first.

That said, I need to run, my ride is almost here.

Andrew Pitonyak
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