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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Hello
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 15:07:27 GMT
On 12/10/12 2:45 PM, Sidhartha Mani wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Sidhartha. I am new to apache software foundation and open source
> software development. I use openoffice spreadsheet, presentation and text
> document for my assignments at university. I like it a lot and want to
> contribute in whichever small way I can to this project. I am a computer
> science undergrad. I am interested in learning to code and learning the
> process for developing big softwares.
> Thank you,
> Sid

Hi Sid,

welcome at Apache OpenOffice. Good to read that you like our product and
that you are interested to help us. The OpenOffice project can benefit
from help in different areas and it depends on your interest and skills.

First of all you have send your mail to a mailing list dev@openoffice...
where you should subscribe to get all the replies automatically. See

As a computer science student it looks that you are interested to take a
closer look under the hood which of course is very good.

Maybe you can try to convince some other students to join you and you
can work together on the project. We can also elaborate the possibility
to mentor you and other students on more official tasks that helps you
with your education. Talk with your professor about such a project and
the work on a huge real life project ;-)

OpenOffice is a very huge project mainly implemented in C++. But no
rocket science and it looks more complicate than it is.

I recommend that you start building the office on your own and maybe
start debugging some code areas to learn more about it and to learn how
to debug in general such a beast of software.

For detailed information how to do that please see our building guide
Feel free to report any problems and help us to improve it if necessary.

And please feel free to ask questions here on the list. And don't be shy
to ask, it's often not easy to get started and find the right entry
points but we try to give you all the necessary support here on the
mailing list.

Again welcome on board


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