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From imacat <>
Subject Re: [proposal/question] future: mediaWiki or Apache JSPWiki.
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 14:43:57 GMT
於 2012年12月03日 21:48, janI 提到:
> On 3 December 2012 13:20, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:
>> On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 2:35 AM, janI <> wrote:
>>> I agree on a lot of the things.
>>> BUT do not forget that a lot of questions/problems also applies to an
>>> upgrade.
>>> - User interface will change slightly
>>> - Data loss is not acceptlable but the UTF8 conversion might have a side
>>> effect on some browsers
>>> - The tweaks in the current mwiki, will not automatically be present
>> after
>>> an upgrade.
>> Which tweaks?
> If I knew then I could include it in the new version, problem is that a.o.
> imicat tells that there have been made modifications, and none of it seems
> to be documented.

    There are 2 ways to find it out:

 1. Ask Terry Ellison himself.  He left his e-mail in the user database.

 2. A more strict method:  Untar a fresh-new MediaWiki 1.15, and run
diff to find out what is changed.  Applied the changes to MediaWiki 1.16
*on a test site* to see if they work.  If they work, do the same on the
live site and update the symbolic link to point to the patched MediaWiki
1.16.  This is how I did when upgrading my lab's WordPress from its
tweaked older version.

Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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