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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Moving content between CWiki and MWiki (was Re: [mwiki] IS DOWN FOR DB MAINTENANCE for the next couple of hours !!!!)
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2012 15:12:16 GMT

> Da: janI 
>Oggetto: Re: [mwiki] IS DOWN FOR DB MAINTENANCE for the next couple of hours !!!!
>@pedro: thx, that can save quite some time if it works.
>@dave: nice to know that you are admin, so you can help provide e.g. a list
>of pages.

Two things here:

The conversor is one way only: to CWiki. Conversion is known to be imperfect
and a lot of content would be lost. OTOH, it is also understood that a lot of
MWiki content is obsolete and needs to be cleaned out anyway.

For conversion of the math stuff the documentation of the plugin states that
CWiki could be helped by the use of a latex plugin.

>We had a discussion a while ago about moving the cwiki content, once the
>mwiki was upgraded, so I guess now is about the right time to take a
>decision. I will initiate that shortly.

From a licensing perspective the MWiki content is a can of worms.
This may or may not be important as this is not included in releases
but the general consensus was to keep the MWiki content contained
and only accept ALv2 content from now on.

There is also a huge -1 in the current MWiki for me: if MWiki is
here to stay ldap access must be enabled so that committers
have access to it without opening a new account.

Just thought I'd point those things out :)


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