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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] New Apache OpenOffice 4 logo proposals...
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2012 00:22:51 GMT
I particularly like the symbols for the individual applications as featured in the video. 
The simplicity is great, and those will make great buttons as file-system icons and in other
applications of the unified symbols.

Thanks for bringing your creativity to this effort.  The results are exciting.

 - Dennis

MUSINGS (completely without self-censorship for whatever constructive value it may bring):

I found the final logo difficult to examine in the video, perhaps because it does not stay
on screen very long.  The colored rings will be difficult at small sizes/low resolutions,
I think, and color differentiation (for the "reds" in particular) will be a problem too, because
the rings are so thin.  (I notice, on my monitor, that the rings are difficult to distinguish
and the blue ring is over-powered by the others.  The symbol strikes me as simply too "busy.")

I think the font usage works.  It is difficult to balance two styles like that, but the current
proposal is much better.  I notice that I am distracted by the letter spacing of "APACHE."

I favor the direction toward simplicity.  This will work at many sizes, including in specialization
as a badge on larger icons.  It will also work on devices that use (small) tiles for applications.

In the full logo, one possibility is to use the central orb by itself, in the larger size
or between the two sizes, without worrying about multi-color decorations or embedding in a
tile.  This will also allow the creation of a "download" symbol, and some of the other allied
symbols (locked documents, links, etc.) that add decorations to the main symbol.  The modernized
symbol has a metallic-emblem look that is a little stark compared to the text.  I also wonder
what color the ring needs to be so that it is apparent on a white background.

I wonder if the outer ring could appear beveled or a different hue so the wing of the larger
gull appears to be in front of the background.  That might be too much detailing though.

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From: RGB ES [] 
Sent: Thursday, December 27, 2012 13:53
Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] New Apache OpenOffice 4 logo proposals...

2012/12/27 Michael Acevedo <>

> Greetings to all in the mailing list and those in this AOO Logo Proposal
> subject,
> In this email, I would like to mention that I have added two new logo
> proposals to the Apache OpenOffice Logo exploration wiki article. Now let
> me explain what this new logo it's all about.
> The new logo design does away with the orb and changes it for a gull ring
> that rests under a blue background which itself rests on circles which are
> inspired on the Adobe Flex logo multicolor scheme. The new gull ring while
> being new, retains the familiar circular shape of the current OpenOffice
> logo, but at the same time is a new take that pays respect to the orb. All
> of these elements are wrapped in a modern black gradient icon than makes
> the logo stand out. Furthermore, the new logo actually changes the look of
> the word OpenOffice into a more modern non-capitalized "openoffice" word
> design (also an inspiration from the Adobe Flex project logo). The latter
> serves the function of highlighting Apache as the owner of the project
> (whose name is in capital letters), yet the non-capitalized "openoffice"
> names takes presence by being written in a larger size font. Overall, the
> new logo design is simple, clean, and modern.
> Now that I have given a sense of the new logo, I would like to show you a
> reveal video:

I just have one word to say: Wow!

The video is really, really cool. Thanks!

> But there is one last detail, which actually is a testament to the power of
> OpenOffice. The detail is that the logo that you see at the end of the
> video was 99% made in Apache OpenOffice Draw.
> Hope you liked the logo and the reveal video.
> Happy Holidays!
> You can see the formal proposal in the Cwiki at Apache:
> <snip>
> --
> Best,
> Michael

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