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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Have you been contacted via private email and discouraged from participating on the OpenOffice project?
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2012 14:18:36 GMT
I'm hearing that some project volunteers, especially new ones, are
being contacted by certain external parties, who then try to
discourage them from contributing to the Apache OpenOffice project.
I'm hearing that similar notes have been sent out to those who
submitted listings to our new Consultants Directory, also discouraging
them from involvement in the project.

This is my personal view on this matter, for what it is worth.

I think we all would agree that such techniques are deplorable and
bring disrepute to the individuals involved, and to the project that
sanctions such techniques.  If you recall we had a similar wave of
such unprofessional behavior a few months ago, when certain external
parties were contacting journalists who mentioned OpenOffice and
telling them that it was no longer being developed and to link to a
different product instead.

I any case, if you are receiving such FUD yourself, I'd encourage you
to simply post it to this mailing list, or to your blog, or some other
public website.  "Daylight is the best antiseptic" as they say.  I am
not a medical doctor, but I do believe that FUD exposed to public
scrutiny loses its potency.   But FUD ignored is FUD that spreads.



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