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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Proposal: "Ask OpenOffice" promotion
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 23:42:51 GMT
This is mainly a community-relations / public outreach idea.   I
noticed that when we do a blog post we get a lot of unrelated
questions, some of them quite good.  So I'm thinking -- there must be
a lot of good questions out there.  They could range from "How do
I..." to 'Why did you..." to "What if you did...", etc.

So the proposal is to use Google Moderator, like we did before for the
AOO 4.0 ideas, and use it to gather and rate questions.  We call it
"Ask OpenOffice".

After some period of time (a month?) we take the top-rated 10 (or top
5?) questions and respond to them in a blog post.

This could become a regular thing that we repeat every 6 months or so,
"Ask OpenOffice 2", "Ask OpenOffice 3", etc.

Downside?  We could get some awkward questions.  But if such a
question gets into the top 10, then we should give it a serious
response, right?  This is a challenge and an opportunity.

What do you think?


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