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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: desktop publishing
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:56:15 GMT
Hi Fernand,

On 23.11.2012 16:23, Fernand Vanrie wrote:
> Hallo Armin ,
>> Hi Fernand,
>> On 22.11.2012 18:38, Fernand Vanrie wrote:
>>> Armin ,
>>>> Hi Fernand,
>>>> On 15.11.2012 09:34, Fernand Vanrie wrote:
>>>>> Alexandro ,
>>>> ---snip---
>>>>>> Draw is a perfect Desktop publisher, is so perfect is compatible

>>>>>> with other
>>>>> We uses exclusifly Writer (+ lot of basic macro's) to make over 
>>>>> 8.000 full color magazine pages par year. This pages are all i2 
>>>>> languages versions, with cutouts (we uses Edit Contour) 
>>>>> transparancies etc...)
>>>>> Our Editors places lowres images "embedded" in there documents, a 
>>>>> final macro checks the resolution quality and changes the lowres 
>>>>> with the highres (stored on a server) just before exporting to PDF
>>>>> Sinds there is SVG, we no longer use EPS and "Adobe" to make our 
>>>>> PDF's. PostScript is dead anyhow (lack of transparency) the LO/OO- 
>>>>> PDF export is with use off a Lanczos filter nearly perfect.
>>>>> We only needs a "payed" Color Server to transfer our RGB PDF's to 
>>>>> CMYK
>>>>> Our magazines are printed by different print houses (15.000-3.000 
>>>>> exp.) on high quality paper, there are no complaints from our 
>>>>> printers and the readers can not sea the difference between our 
>>>>> Magazines an thus maded by payed DTP applications
>>>>> Just a pitty thats SVG is still exported as bitmap 
>>>> Which export are you talking about? To ODF (save) or PDF (or 
>>>> something else)...?
>>>> This would be very interesting to me :-)
>>> when making a PDF, save as or something else there is no 
>>> difference... sinds 3.3 SVG are plased in the PDF as bitmaps there 
>>> is a well documented LO issue 
>>> <> 42092.
>> I do not know for LO, but for AOO since 3.4 we have that new SVG 
>> import I wrote which luckily will be in LO soon (see 
>> It's a high-quality SVG import and the original SVGs are saved in 
>> ODF. I just tried with Tux.svg and AOO3.4 (and 3.4.1) export as 
>> vector data to PDF. It also gets printed that way. One caveat here: 
>> Currently the SVGs are converted to SVM (StarViewMetafile), same as 
>> when using 'convert to metafile' in the context menu on the SVG 
>> graphic object in edit view. This may loose some quality in some 
>> cases, I'm working on changing this to real B2DPrinitives usages in 
>> the PDF exporter.
>> I'm also working on things like having any graphic (including SVG) as 
>> fill style for graphic objects, also with full export quality. I'll 
>> be on Fosdem, I can show you this things in the current AOO version 
>> if you like...
> Maybe you can also implement PDF as a graphic format , like we can 
> place jpg, ..... in the OO docs ?

Not sure what you mean here... jpg could always be added to ODF.

> As many users, we are switching forward an backwards from OO to LO , 
> for the moment we uses LO because off better PDF-export (Lanczos filter).

Good news: I have added Lanzcos (in an extended version) to AOO some 
weeks ago. The original author sent me the code which he used for LO, 
and I extended and integrated it. See task #121233# 
( for details. 
Thanks to Toma┼ż for the original code. That's what all developers truly 
interested in all OOO derivates should do - contribute to both projects. 
See my blog post (link already in one of the last eMails) to more about 
this and in which direction the code flows.

> Surly we hopes that in de near future we can find al the best off both 
> in one :-)

Yes, again, read the blog. We are already working together (seen from 
AOO side at least).

> I comes to Fosdem and will be more than happy to discover all the new 
> goodies,

Okay, looking forward to see You :-)

> greetz
> Fernand
>>> there is also work around
>>> - open the SVG in Draw and then copy to Writer (gives a internall LO 
>>> graphic)
>>> - When xeporting to a specific PDF format (Tagged or PDF A/1a then 
>>> we have a high resolution bitmap who can replace the vector data
>>> greetz
>>> Fernand
>>>>> (sould been repaired in 3.7) and PDF is still not a accepted as a 
>>>>> graphic format like we can use (Tiff, jpg, etc...)
>>>>> Greetz
>>>>> Fernand
>>>> ---snip---
>>>> Sincerely,
>>>> Armin
>>>> -- 
>>>> ALG

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