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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: desktop publishing
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 12:01:48 GMT
     Hi Fernand,

On 22.11.2012 18:38, Fernand Vanrie wrote:
> Armin ,
>>     Hi Fernand,
>> On 15.11.2012 09:34, Fernand Vanrie wrote:
>>> Alexandro ,
>> ---snip---
>>>> Draw is a perfect Desktop publisher, is so perfect is compatible 
>>>> with other
>>> We uses exclusifly Writer (+ lot of basic macro's) to make over 
>>> 8.000 full color magazine pages par year. This pages are all i2 
>>> languages versions, with cutouts (we uses Edit Contour) 
>>> transparancies etc...)
>>> Our Editors places lowres images "embedded" in there documents, a 
>>> final macro checks the resolution quality and changes the lowres 
>>> with the highres (stored on a server) just before exporting to PDF
>>> Sinds there is SVG, we no longer use EPS and "Adobe" to make our 
>>> PDF's. PostScript is dead anyhow (lack of transparency) the LO/OO- 
>>> PDF export is with use off a Lanczos filter nearly perfect.
>>> We only needs a "payed" Color Server to transfer our RGB PDF's to CMYK
>>> Our magazines are printed by different print houses (15.000-3.000 
>>> exp.) on high quality paper, there are no complaints from our 
>>> printers and the readers can not sea the difference between our 
>>> Magazines an thus maded by payed DTP applications
>>> Just a pitty thats SVG is still exported as bitmap 
>> Which export are you talking about? To ODF (save) or PDF (or 
>> something else)...?
>> This would be very interesting to me :-)
> when making a PDF, save as or something else there is no difference... 
> sinds 3.3 SVG are plased in the PDF as bitmaps there is a well 
> documented LO issue 
> <> 42092.

I do not know for LO, but for AOO since 3.4 we have that new SVG import 
I wrote which luckily will be in LO soon (see
It's a high-quality SVG import and the original SVGs are saved in ODF. I 
just tried with Tux.svg and AOO3.4 (and 3.4.1) export as vector data to 
PDF. It also gets printed that way. One caveat here: Currently the SVGs 
are converted to SVM (StarViewMetafile), same as when using 'convert to 
metafile' in the context menu on the SVG graphic object in edit view. 
This may loose some quality in some cases, I'm working on changing this 
to real B2DPrinitives usages in the PDF exporter.
I'm also working on things like having any graphic (including SVG) as 
fill style for graphic objects, also with full export quality. I'll be 
on Fosdem, I can show you this things in the current AOO version if you 

> there is also  work around
> - open the SVG in Draw and then copy to Writer (gives a internall LO 
> graphic)
> - When xeporting to a specific PDF format (Tagged or PDF A/1a then we 
> have a high resolution bitmap who can replace the vector data
> greetz
> Fernand
>>> (sould been repaired in 3.7) and PDF is still not a accepted as a 
>>> graphic format like we can use (Tiff, jpg,  etc...)
>>> Greetz
>>> Fernand
>> ---snip---
>> Sincerely,
>>     Armin
>> -- 
>> ALG

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