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From Peter Junge <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice at FOSDEM 2013
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2012 00:28:04 GMT
On 11/21/2012 3:46 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> On 11/13/12 7:21 PM, Andrew Rist wrote:
>> On 11/13/2012 2:05 AM, RA Stehmann wrote:
>>> Am 12.11.2012 21:53, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>>>> FOSDEM 2013 will be held in Brussels, Belgium, 2-3 Feb 2013 and it is a
>>>> huge, free, developer-oriented, technical conference. OpenOffice has
>>>> three opportunities to be featured there.
>>>> 2) The Apache OpenOffice booth/stand. See
>>>> Again, I can take care of
>>>> submitting the request, but we will need to be sure that we have enough
>>>> people available to attend to it. Mechtilde and Michael will very likely
>>>> be there, right?
>>> Yes, we'll be there.
>>> We have some years experience presenting OpenOffice at the FOSDEM.
>>>    Organizers want to be sure that we will have at least
>>>> two people on Sat 2 Feb and Sun 3 Feb, full days.
>>> I'm hopefully, some of our friends running the dev-room will join and
>>> help us on the other day.
>>> We prefer more people will join us, because running a booth with many
>>> people is more joyfully. But we're able to ensure the organizers wants
>>> even we've to do it alone.
>>> Please state your
>>>> availability: if we have enough people, it would be nice to request a
>>>> large stand instead of a normal one. Timeline: proposals due by 28 Nov.
>>> We think a normal stand is better than a large one. It's better there
>>> are lot of Apache people around a smaller stand than only a few around a
>>> large one. And we have no merchandize articles to present (like other
>>> projects).
>> What would you want to give out if you could?
>> Is there something that we could use to help the image of the project in
>> the wider open source community?
>> What would you want? (and how many?)
> In the past I have created T-Shirts for example and we gave them more or
> less for a small donation to people. They were initially paid by the
> Community Council (Team OpenOffice). The collected money (minus
> production costs) went back to Team OpenOffice .
> We could do something similar and the money would go back to the ASF.
> We had also other small stuff that we gave away for donations.
> Always nice are cups, T-Shirts, stickers, flyers,... something like
> that. Ideally not branded for FOSDEM but more neutral for AOO that it
> can be used for other events as well.
> We can also think about AOO branded note pads (~1500-2000) that we can
> give the organizers to put it in the conference welcome packs.
> Information on the note pad could be info where to find our DevRoom and
> the booth for example.
> We could also benefit some of some banners (roll up banners for example)
> If we want to do something like this, we need ideas for an logo/image we
> want to put on shirts, cups, etc. and of course the technical
> realization that can be used for the production.
> Other questions:
> - collecting quotes for the production and volunteers who take care of it
> - who can carry the material to the event (I booked my flight already
> and can't carry too much)
> The time is running and many questions would have to be clarified.
> Some more info and basic quotes:
> - rollup banner -> 100-150€
> - note pad, 1000 pieces, á 50 sheets, 100% recycling paper, 2 color
> print, glue laminated on one site, first quote I found ~1050 €
> - stickers, 100mm, 1000 pieces, ~150€
> See for some concrete stuff (shirt, banner)

I'm supporting your request.

Maybe you should resend it as a separate [Proposal]. As well, I'm not 
sure about the policies. Maybe it's up to the PMC to decide. From my 
point of view the PMC.

Best regards,

> Juergen
>> A.
>>> So a normal stand would fit.
>>> A booth is a place where people can find and meet Apache supporters to
>>> talk, get information etc.. People walk around and see: "Oh, there is
>>> also an Apache OpenOffice booth!" And we can encourage them to ask us,
>>> get information etc.. We can contact people who don't prospect us
>>> specificly. In that way a booth is important even than a dev-room exists.
>>> We like to invite other Apache projects to join and support us and to
>>> present their project at the booth.
>>> Regards
>>> Michael

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