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From Fernand Vanrie <>
Subject Re: desktop publishing
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2012 16:36:57 GMT

Maybe 1 machine has a MS office package for the "unsalvable problems" 
the 99 others have Windows with LO ,OO, Thunderbird, Inkscape, Gimp, 
Image Magick and a free Adobe PDF reader

We can read and write MS text and spreadsheets, in the "editing world" 
PDF is the exchange format by exelence. (For that reason PDF must been a 
graphic format in LO  and LO :-)

Maybe you comes to Fosdem in Brussels, we would be happy to invite you 
to show on the work floor how is works here


> Hi Fernand,
> I would love to read a more detailed public success story about your experience and work
with writer. It sounds very interesting especially when you stay in one world, means no heavy
exchange of MS formats.
> Thanks for sharing
> Juergen
> Am Donnerstag, 15. November 2012 um 09:34 schrieb Fernand Vanrie:
>> Alexandro ,
>>> On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 11:24 PM, Phillip Zadro
>>> <>wrote:
>>>> hi Is there any likelihood that OpenOffice will one day include a desktop
>>>> publisher? There is only one thing that is stopping me from migrating
>>>> completely from Microsoft Office to either OpenOffice or LibreOffice and
>>>> is their lack of a Desktop Publisher comparable with MS Publisher. I have
>>>> used Publisher for over 15 years and love its practicality, particularly
>>>> with paginating of booklets. Even a separate program like Serif PagePlus
>>>> cannot save in MS format either, so I am obliged to stay with MS Office.
>>>> Pity.. Thanks Phil
>>> Draw is a perfect Desktop publisher, is so perfect is compatible with other
>> We uses exclusifly Writer (+ lot of basic macro's) to make over 8.000
>> full color magazine pages par year. This pages are all i2 languages
>> versions, with cutouts (we uses Edit Contour) transparancies etc...)
>> Our Editors places lowres images "embedded" in there documents, a final
>> macro checks the resolution quality and changes the lowres with the
>> highres (stored on a server) just before exporting to PDF
>> Sinds there is SVG, we no longer use EPS and "Adobe" to make our PDF's.
>> PostScript is dead anyhow (lack of transparency) the LO/OO- PDF export
>> is with use off a Lanczos filter nearly perfect.
>> We only needs a "payed" Color Server to transfer our RGB PDF's to CMYK
>> Our magazines are printed by different print houses (15.000-3.000 exp.)
>> on high quality paper, there are no complaints from our printers and the
>> readers can not sea the difference between our Magazines an thus maded
>> by payed DTP applications
>> Just a pitty thats SVG is still exported as bitmap (sould been repaired
>> in 3.7) and PDF is still not a accepted as a graphic format like we can
>> use (Tiff, jpg, etc...)
>> Greetz
>> Fernand
>>> desktop publishers like Scribus and is based on a frame based paradigm.
>>> There are some features that would be desirable but is pretty easy to
>>> complete basic and medium tasks like Flyers, Booklets and all it has layers
>>> which keeps design separated from content. And have multiple layouts and
>>> use of vectorial forms.
>>> With improved use of SVG Draw is also gaining strenght in the area of
>>> design compatibility and would be improving as more features are considered.

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