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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] = AOO 4.0
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 14:32:25 GMT
Hi Jürgen,

Jürgen Schmidt schrieb:
> Hi,
> first of all I would like to volunteer again as release manager for our
> next release if it's ok for our community.


> Second I would like to define with you what our next release will be.
> After various discussion and activities on the mailing list and also at
> the ApacheCon, I got the impression that the majority would support a
> 4.0 version as our next release.

I'm not in favor of an version 4.0 as next release. The changes have 
listed below would justify a version "4.0". But I doubt, that they are 
possible in a time frame, I see for the next release.

We have released 3.4.1 in August 2012, so a good time for a next release 
would be February 2013. That release would get a lot of bug fixes and 
new languages, but no new features. Remembering the difficulties doing 
releases around December/January I think, it cannot be earlier. But it 
should not be later either for to get the valuable language work as soon 
as possible.

Making larger changes which justify a new major release means at the 
same time, we have to say something about end of life of the 3.x series.

> We are planning some bigger UI changes for the next release (sidebar)
> and such UI changes are always a good indicator for a new major release
> to signal our users bigger changers. I know Ariel has also some
> incompatible changes regarding add-ons in the pipeline that would also
> fit in a major release.

Not to forget the internal changes in Draw.

> I noticed some discussion around a new visual design and a bigger
> rebranding and this is a further reason for a major release.
> I think it is time to define this more concrete and focus in more detail
> on the work that is needed and required to bring a good and stable
> release on the road. Our goal should be to continue the success of 3.4
> and 3.4.1.
> If nobody will complain I will start to merge the started 3.5 and 4.0
> planning into one combined planning later.

The changes are so large, that they need a lot of testing. The printing 
dialog has been the last large UI change and that has last over a year. 
Even when I only take the test time, which is reflected in Bugzilla, I 
see eight months "CWS printerpullpages".

The internal changes in Draw are not visible, but because they effect 
the whole office, they need a lot of testing too.

I do not think, that a good tested release with such changes would be 
possible before July. Therefore I argue for not merging the planning, 
but release a 3.5 based on the current trunk (approximately) and then a 
version 4.0 containing large changes in autumn 2013.

  I believe it is important
> that we concentrate on our next release. If you think a rebranding is
> important and you want to drive it, please start immediately. If you
> want to bring in some new features, please communicate it on the list
> and start working on it. Let us work on the plan for the next release in
> an open and transparent way.

Setting a feature freeze day?

> Besides the next major release we should also continue the discussion on
> further language packs based on 3.4.1 to make the latest translations
> available as soon as possible.
> One way to make these language packs available would be to integrate the
> new translations on the AOO34 branch, build the language packs and a new
> source release based on this revision. The effort should be minimal as
> long as we don't integrate bugfixes.
> On the other hand a release is of course a lot of work and we can focus
> on releasing these new languages together with 4.0. The question is if
> we do have the resources for releasing the new languages?
> Any opinions or feedback?

So my suggestion is to not make 4.0 the next release but do a 3.5 
release with bug fixes and further languages in between.

Kind regards

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