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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice at FOSDEM 2013
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 07:46:57 GMT
On 11/13/12 7:21 PM, Andrew Rist wrote:
> On 11/13/2012 2:05 AM, RA Stehmann wrote:
>> Am 12.11.2012 21:53, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>>> FOSDEM 2013 will be held in Brussels, Belgium, 2-3 Feb 2013 and it is a
>>> huge, free, developer-oriented, technical conference. OpenOffice has
>>> three opportunities to be featured there.
>>> 2) The Apache OpenOffice booth/stand. See
>>> Again, I can take care of
>>> submitting the request, but we will need to be sure that we have enough
>>> people available to attend to it. Mechtilde and Michael will very likely
>>> be there, right?
>> Yes, we'll be there.
>> We have some years experience presenting OpenOffice at the FOSDEM.
>>   Organizers want to be sure that we will have at least
>>> two people on Sat 2 Feb and Sun 3 Feb, full days.
>> I'm hopefully, some of our friends running the dev-room will join and
>> help us on the other day.
>> We prefer more people will join us, because running a booth with many
>> people is more joyfully. But we're able to ensure the organizers wants
>> even we've to do it alone.
>> Please state your
>>> availability: if we have enough people, it would be nice to request a
>>> large stand instead of a normal one. Timeline: proposals due by 28 Nov.
>> We think a normal stand is better than a large one. It's better there
>> are lot of Apache people around a smaller stand than only a few around a
>> large one. And we have no merchandize articles to present (like other
>> projects).
> What would you want to give out if you could?
> Is there something that we could use to help the image of the project in
> the wider open source community?
> What would you want? (and how many?)

In the past I have created T-Shirts for example and we gave them more or
less for a small donation to people. They were initially paid by the
Community Council (Team OpenOffice). The collected money (minus
production costs) went back to Team OpenOffice .

We could do something similar and the money would go back to the ASF.

We had also other small stuff that we gave away for donations.

Always nice are cups, T-Shirts, stickers, flyers,... something like
that. Ideally not branded for FOSDEM but more neutral for AOO that it
can be used for other events as well.

We can also think about AOO branded note pads (~1500-2000) that we can
give the organizers to put it in the conference welcome packs.
Information on the note pad could be info where to find our DevRoom and
the booth for example.

We could also benefit some of some banners (roll up banners for example)

If we want to do something like this, we need ideas for an logo/image we
want to put on shirts, cups, etc. and of course the technical
realization that can be used for the production.

Other questions:
- collecting quotes for the production and volunteers who take care of it
- who can carry the material to the event (I booked my flight already
and can't carry too much)

The time is running and many questions would have to be clarified.

Some more info and basic quotes:
- rollup banner -> 100-150€
- note pad, 1000 pieces, á 50 sheets, 100% recycling paper, 2 color
print, glue laminated on one site, first quote I found ~1050 €
- stickers, 100mm, 1000 pieces, ~150€

See for some concrete stuff (shirt, banner)


> A.
>> So a normal stand would fit.
>> A booth is a place where people can find and meet Apache supporters to
>> talk, get information etc.. People walk around and see: "Oh, there is
>> also an Apache OpenOffice booth!" And we can encourage them to ask us,
>> get information etc.. We can contact people who don't prospect us
>> specificly. In that way a booth is important even than a dev-room exists.
>> We like to invite other Apache projects to join and support us and to
>> present their project at the booth.
>> Regards
>> Michael

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