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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: [QA REPORT] - Milestone build r1400866 performance issue
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 16:37:12 GMT
Hi Linyi,

On 19.11.2012 09:20, Linyi Li wrote:
> Analysed the whole results, I think the downgrade in ubuntu 32/64 bit may
> not be defect. I think it maybe the build difference.
> Because I tested trunk build r1400212 and 1401384 on ubuntu 32/64bit, no
> big downgrade.
> So does anybody can give some clue that there is any difference between
> trunk build and milestone release build?

Assuming you mean the officially released AOO341 as "milestone release 
build" and with "trunk build" you mean the snapshot builds [1] or the 
nightly builds [2] of trunk, then the biggest differences are probably:
- the nightly builds have no binfilter component
- most dev-snapshot and all nightly builds don't have system-integration
- new features / bugfixes / other changes in trunk


As for the numbers itself I'm not sure how to interpret them, e.g. the 
dashboard indicates that the PVT test named "savePlainXLS" has improved 
by 28% [3] on Linux32 between AOO341 and r1407366, whereas the 
individual runs indicate a performance improvement from 104sec [4] -to 
96sec [5], which are about 7.7%. There are similar observations for 
other individual test results.


Another question that worries me is whether the tests are run with the 
test framework from the same revision they are testing? Or if they are 
all run by the same test framework then the question is: which revision?


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