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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: AOO.Next IBM Priorities
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2012 21:08:21 GMT
On 11/1/12 9:53 PM, jan iversen wrote:
> Thanks for the note, however knowing IBM I had hoped that one of the
> official goals was to help the development part of the community to get
> stabilized.
> I acknowledge that it is important for IBM to get an output of invested
> energy/time/money, but I think IBM would benefit not only from features but
> also from the soft points of helping the community.
> that being said in response to your IBM HAT, but I do feel that you and
> other IBM Fellows still do a great job in getting  the community to prosper.

I hope so and the priorities were focused on the product only and not on
the community aspects that are of course very important for us as well.


> Jan.
> On 1 November 2012 17:45, <> wrote:
>> A quick note, wearing my "IBM hat".
>> We (IBM) have consulted with customers, internal users, other IBM product
>> teams, on what our (IBM's) development priorities should be for the next
>> AOO release.  Obviously, we're not the only ones with priorities or
>> interests or opinions.  We don't make AOO decisions by ourselves.  But we
>> want to be transparent about what our own priorities are, for our
>> employees participating in the AOO community, and what they will be
>> focusing on.   As we did with AOO 3.4.0 and 3.4.1, we'll be putting the
>> details onto the wiki over the next couple of weeks.  You'll hear more at
>> ApacheCon, but I wanted you to hear it hear first.
>> Our top priorities:
>> -- Improve the install and deployment experience, especially by supporting
>> digital signatures on installs, and introducing a new incremental update
>> feature, so users are not required to download and install a full image
>> for just a minor update.
>> -- A major UI enhancement, a sidebar framework for the editors, ported
>> over from Symphony, and including an API.  If you recall, Symphony won
>> quite a lot of praise for its UI, and much of this was due to the sidebar
>> panel.  I think we can make a good argument that this approach, say
>> compared to the MS Office "ribbon" is a better use of screen real-estate,
>> especially as we see more frequent use of wide screen displays.
>> -- Improved Table of Contents in Writer
>> -- Improved system integration on Windows and MacOS, including possible
>> adoption of "gestures".
>> -- IAccessible2 bridge, ported over from Symphony, to improve
>> accessibility.  This is a major effort, but very important.
>> -- Closer integration of clipart and template libraries with user
>> experience.
>> -- Update branding and visual styling, contemporary and compelling, fresh
>> and relevant.
>> -- Social integration, allow our users to quickly and easily share their
>> thoughts in a way that compliment their commercial social behavior.
>> Explore the integration of consumer service-specific capabilities as well
>> as generic Share... actions.
>> -- And many other smaller items
>> Obviously the release date for this cannot be pinned down so early, and
>> releasing is PMC decision, not an IBM one.  But we think that this work
>> could be completed and tested for a release in the March/April 2013
>> time-frame.  And the scope of the release might be significant enough to
>> warrant a "4.0" designation.
>> In any case, we'll soon set up a page on the wiki to collect these items.
>> As always, I invite you to add your own priorities to the wiki, things
>> that you would like to work on.  This could be a new feature.  Or, if one
>> of the above items sound interesting to you, we always welcome help
>> designing and implementing these features.
>> Regards,
>> -Rob

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