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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: Looking for guide to debug with MS Visual Studio Express
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2012 16:23:18 GMT
On 31.10.2012 13:40, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> Hi,
> On 31.10.2012 12:35, Regina Henschel wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I read that debugging with MS Visual Studio works well. Is there 
>> somewhere a
>> guide for dummies how to do it?
> The following steps should give you a start:
> - Have your AOO build installed on the system.
> - Build the module of interest with debug information
> - Copy the resulting DLLs and PDB files of the module into the 
> corresponding directory of the installation.
> -- for "gbuild" modules like sw you find the DLLs and PDB files in 
> /main/solver/350/wntmsci12/workdir/LinkTarget/Library/
> -- for "dmake" modules like sd you find the DLLs and PDB files in 
> /main/[module]/wntmsci12/bin/

I do it a little differently from here on because I am a lazy person who 
wants to press just one key to start debugging:

- Start Visual Studio
   The Express version is just fine.  I have been using it for most of 
my debugging for years.

- File->New Project

- In the new dialog:
   - In left list "Installed Templates" choose Visual C++->General
   - In center list choose "Empty Project"
   - In field near the bottom "Location" enter a path where the solution 
files will be stored.
   - In the field above that, "Name", enter the name of the new project, 
eg "aoo35"
   - Click OK to close dialog

- Now the main window shows a new view.
- In the "Solution Explorer" on the left side you will now see an entry 
in bold typeface named "aoo35".
- I usually delete the entries below it "Header Files", "Resource 
Files", "Source Files".  These are used only when Visual Studio is used 
for editing. But that is just for my convenience
- Right click on the "aoo35" entry.
- Click "Properties"

- In the "aoo35 Property Pages" dialog:
   - Select "Configuration Properties->Debugging" in the left box.
   - In the center box change values for "Command" to
     "<office-installation-path>/ 3/program/soffice.bin"
     The .bin is important, do not use .exe
   - Set value for "Environment" to
     "PATH=<office-installation-path>/ 3/URE/bin"
   - [optional] Set value of "Command Arguments" to <filename> to load a 
file when AOO starts or to eg "-impress" to start AOO with the Impress 
   - Click OK to close dialog

Now you are all set
Just press "F5" to start Apache OpenOffice.

We probably should write a Wiki page for this.
There is one [1] about "Windows Debugging" but it looks quite scary.
Another one [2] is for the advanced Visual Studio user and tells you how 
to better visualize eg boost containers.

Have fun,


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