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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] Releasing new languages for 3.4.1
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2012 09:09:46 GMT
On 31/10/2012 jan iversen wrote:
> Ok, I thought "team" meant language teams. But I have searched the Wiki and
> cannot find any documentation on the required QA procedure relating to
> national languages.
> Can it be, that it was never really defined and written down ?

It was. We used to have two tools, TCM and QATrack.

The former was a test management platform, which (among many other 
things) contained a "Release Sanity" test suite, about 30 tests that 
should be passed to release OpenOffice in a certain language: sorting 
text with native language characters and so on.

The latter was a web panel where responsible QA persons for each 
language could state that they were running QA on, say, the German Mac 
OS X version and report whether the build was approved or rejected (and 
much more, but this is the basic idea).

Both tools are unused now. TCM is not accessible but if Oracle manages 
to provide the testcases (not the platform) we will be able to reuse 
them. QATrack was initially written by me and then significantly 
extended by Per Eriksson and we should have it somewhere, but can be 
easily redone on a proper framework: I wouldn't write a tool explicitly 
for that purpose any longer these days.


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