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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] IDE, comment translation, debugging, documentation and other development issues
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2012 08:51:45 GMT
On 30.10.2012 18:44, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
> Hi
> AOO is by far the biggest and most complex code I have ever hacked on,
> and I have many questions...

Welcome Damjan,

> What IDE do you guys use to develop AOO? Eclipse CDT runs out of
> memory indexing the code :-(.

I have once been able to check out AOO from SVN directly in Eclipse and 
even the code indexing worked.  However, I have not been able to repeat 
that.  But it would be really great to find a reliable way to use 
Eclipse for AOO development.

I personally use Emacs as IDE :-)
I have scripts that start the compiler from the editor on a keystroke 
and copy the generated libraries back into the installed office.
For debugging I use MS Visual Studio Express 2010.  Best debugger I have 
seen so far.

> Many comments are in German. Are translations to English welcome or
> should we leave them as is?

Translate them, please, or write new ones.

> Debugging is such a pain. Why do binaries get stripped when the tar.gz
> is built even though debugging has been enabled (build debug=true
> dbglevel=2 --all)?

I use a different approach.
Build office once and do a local install (by calling "setup.exe -a").
Then I build the modules I am interested in separately again but this 
time with debugging symbols and copy the new libraries over the old
ones of the installed office.
You have to repeat this step anyway, after you have made changes to the 

> The layout of the source code tree is incredibly complex, with eg.
> confusing duplication of CSV parsing between binfilter/ and sc/. Is
> there somewhere I should document the structure of various modules?
> seems like a
> good place to start but I would add a lot more detail.

More detail sounds good.  Please go ahead.

One lesson that probably every developer learns when starting to work on 
OpenOffice code is that the reason why you find it complex or why you 
don't understand the code is not that you are stupid but because the 
code is complex, huge, old, and often badly designed.
Any little contribution to improve it is welcome.

> Searching with grep takes forever. I've tried indexing the source tree
> with Lucene, but it doesn't find everything. Is there a better tool?
> Thank you
> Damjan

Best regards,

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