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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice Developer Room (devroom) at FOSDEM
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 19:17:53 GMT

On 12-10-15, at 18:17 , Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:

> On 15/10/2012 Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>> would it be possible to ask back to the organizers? A deadline is a
>> deadline and we would like to know where we are. The organizers should
>> be able to give an answer in the next days.
> I've asked the organizers to inform us about their decisions. I expect to receive news
in the next days; I'll keep you informed when I do.

>> In the end we are interested to collaborate with the LO community.
>> I am wondering why I don't see any discussion on their mailing list
> Well, here we should just accept that Apache OpenOffice has no right to judge on other
projects' decision-making process or governance. I don't know how LibreOffice is/was taking
this specific decision, but this is not something that concerns this mailing list or Apache
OpenOffice in general (while I definitely agree with you and many others that project collaboration
should be a goal).
Agreed. The issue here is that we really need to focus on what can be done, given our limited
resources. For instance, will we have funds for subsidizing meritorious contributors? Will
we be focusing more on particular issues that can be expanded? And so on.

> Regards,
>  Andrea.

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