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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Volunteers, Contributors, Committers, PMC members -- is there any way to consolidate these lists?
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2012 18:56:51 GMT
We have the following today:

1)  -- This
lists a variety of people involved in the project, independent of

2) I'd like to have a place for new volunteers to put their names,
preferably on the wiki or some place where a non-committer has easy

3) We have a list of Committers here, automatically generated:

4) We don't have anything that indicates which Committers are also PMC members.

5) We have this "credits" page, which is linked to from our Help/About
dialog box.  But it does not appear to be updated for AOO 3.4.0 or

6) Wiki "User" pages

7) Any others?

As we all know, with multiple lists like this things will get out of
synch.  In fact they already have.

One simplification idea might be:

1) Convert the people.html page into a wiki page

2) Have that page indicate who is a Committer or PMC member.  That can
be manual for now.

3) Point our Help/About box to the wiki page, and add sentence at the
end of the wiki that says, "OpenOffice has a long history and we also
thank those who contributed to it before our move to Apache" and then
link to credits.html

Any objections to this general idea?  Any improvements?

And if we did want a place to have a big table of volunteers, where on
the wiki should we put it (CWiki or MWiki)?


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