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From Kevin Grignon <>
Subject Re: Need new logo for
Date Sun, 21 Oct 2012 02:21:37 GMT
KG01 - see comments inline. 

On Oct 21, 2012, at 10:04 AM, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:

> [snip]
>>> But speaking for myself, I'd really like to see a comprehensive
>>> proposal, since one criticism of our current state is that we lack a
>>> comprehensive approach.  Especially for those who are not familiar
>>> with this old logo dispute with Oracle, it would be good to put down,
>>> in one place (the wiki) a complete proposal.
>> That said I am aware of the horrible time that the Branding Guidelines
>> took to be set in place, almost 6 months after working with Oracle. But is
>> a testimony of how intense and thorough this work most be to take to create
>> Visual Design, and guidelines.

KG01 - creating a visual identity spec can be slot of work, and does require a comprehensive

However, I propose we try and keep it simple and focus on what we need. For example, start
with an inventory of what we have, set some goals and go from there. 

I have some concepts I will share. 

> FYI this is some structure to the brand refresh by oracle, it includes a
> good overview of all the things that need to be modified before starting to
> work on a new proposal.
> Creation of a Spec
>   - Startcenter
>      - Usability aspects
>      - lack of color
>      - design language
>   - splashscreen
>   - Icon Themes (Industrial, Crystal, etc)
>      - mh: there some coordination with art teams of kde and gnome is
>      desired for some of the document icons with the icon themes
>   - Other UI Graphics
>      - put on hold, waiting for further input
>   - Default Styles (templates, fonts)
>      - put on hold, wait for more input from Ivan
>      - some relation to User Experience/Improving OOo Default
> Settings<>
>      - general definitions of fonts for branding is not in scope for this
>      effort, bedipp: subteam for this, rosana: should be part of the branding
>      guidelines
> -- 
> Alexandro Colorado
> PPMC Apache OpenOffice

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