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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [WWW]: shared ideas and looking for feedback
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2012 08:22:44 GMT

yesterday I had problems to find a good place for the German translation
of the graduation press release. And I thought that it is probably a
good idea to cleanup the whole page with a clear and well defined
structure. I know that there is work ongoing and that we move already in
this direction. But nevertheless I would like to share the things I have
in mind to check if it is aligned with the already ongoing work or if it
makes sense at all.

1. a clear structure for the English content as well as the translated


Means we have for all pages a translated version in the related sub
directory. Same path and same name only the content is translated. This
makes it easy to find the related translation for any files.

We can also use Pootle to do the translation of the web content in the

2. we have special news areas where local communities can spread further
news relevant to their local activities, e.g. local conferences, events.
But in general we have the same content on all pages. Other local
community relevant content should be moved in the wiki. The main idea is
to have a smaller but cleaner and well structured and organized user
portal Community internal things should be move on or the wiki.

I know it is not really new and it is probably more to remind myself but
I am interested to hear others opinion.



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