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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Installation patches
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 16:18:19 GMT
On 09/10/2012 Andre Fischer wrote:
> In the last days I looked into how to create installation patches for
> updating AOO. Using patches instead of full installation packages would
> lead to smaller files to distribute for updating AOO on the next release.

This is really great news! A lot of users would prefer to have smaller, 
incremental updates available. And when you are ready for testers to 
jump in, just ask.

> Note that I have
> concentrated on the Windows platform for the time being.
> [1]

It's a pity that all the technology is OS-specific here. But, as Pedro 
wrote, covering Windows would already be a big step forward. And 
Linux-based systems will hopefully offer OpenOffice from their 
repositories again (or at least this is something we would definitely 
try upon graduation) so the need for incremental updates is not so big 
there. Mac users, on the contrary, would probably like to have it but 
are fewer than the Windows users. So it's OK to do this for Windows, 
then think about Mac, then about Linux-based systems unless existing 
technologies like DeltaRPM already offer a reduced download size.


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