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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject Re: Marketing events
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 20:37:01 GMT
Am 09.10.12 22:19, schrieb Rob Weir:
> On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 4:05 PM, Raphael Bircher <> wrote:
>> Am 09.10.12 21:07, schrieb Rob Weir:
>>> On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 2:39 PM, Ian Lynch <> wrote:
>>>> On 9 October 2012 18:00, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:
>>>>> On 10/9/12, Ian Lynch <> wrote:
>>>>>> OOo had a substantial community marketing project with community
>>>>>> attending key events. How do we improve on that now with AOO?
>>>>> I remember one of the last activities before OOo was forked and most
>>>>>  operations came to a halt, was building a collection of 'approved
>>>>>  events'.  we rate them as how strategically important for the
>>>>>  marketing plan was, and how much support it would get from the
>>>>> previous marketing budget.
>>>>>  FOSDEM was one of them, as well as OSWC and Latinoware to mention a
>>>>>  We also thought about having dedicated speakers since they were
>>>>>  repeatably asked to give talks in their regions and were considered
>>>>>  the " guy" in the FLOSS community.
>>>>>  I am not sure how this activity goes for or against things done on
>>>>> Apache Way. But It was one of the ideas of the new Marketing Plan
>>>>> (which also was
>>>>>  halted).
>>>>> I think there were some policies on the way the money would be spent
>>>>> such as, we could fund up to 50%, and only for traveling and hosting
>>>>> (no food or drinks). Other rules were still being put in place.
>>>> Before getting into too much detail, what about Louis' suggestion of a
>>>> marketing entity that could raise money outside the scope of ASF? Of course
>>>> there is nothing to stop anyone setting up such an entity, the question is
>>>> the relationship with AOO as part of ASF. The view I have held for a long
>>>> time is that some sort of liquid assets even if a relatively small amount
>>>> would have a disproportionate effect when it comes to marketing and
>>>> dissemination. I'm just not clear how that fits with the Apache Way if at
>>>> all.
>>> Some quick ideas:
>>> What exactly do we need to raise money for?  Let's be sure it is not
>>> already available with Apache.  If it is event-oriented, it is good
>>> idea to check on the ConCom lists.
>>> Have we availed ourselves of all the free marketing opportunities we
>>> have?  Why are we leaping to outside fundraising before writing blog
>>> posts?  Webinars?  Why set up an outside marketing organization when
>>> we have a magazine interview request that we have not yet responded
>>> to?  If we're not making optimal use of free, I wonder if we would
>>> make good use of not-free?
>> I think we have to use both. The old OOo Marketing costs more in a year
>> then the ASF will give use in 10 years. Over the donation Buttons on our
>> webpage the NGO's like OOoES, FroDeV (formar OOoDeV) and Team OpenOffice
>> rised souveral 10'000 dollars per year. But it works also without this
>> button. The Swiss NGO SAFFOS (Formar Switzerland) get get
>> of money only with Company Memberships. The moast are Consultants and
>> Education Companys.
>> Blogs, Social Media etc are good instruments to do global Marketing. But
>> if you want to come in contact with OOo Users, events are realy good.
>> And there is maybe a big differance between IBM and a small Consultant
>> group. IBM don't care much about small Companys. But for small
>> consultants this is the daily bread. So they want to attemt local events.
>>> If there is something specific we need, maybe we can get it donated to the ASF?
>>> It would be a very rare open source even that did not have at least
>>> one Apache member present.
>> Maybe in US. In Europe, Apache is nearly nowhere present. Not even at
>> FLOSS Events. To compare: At good times, OOo was present at more then 15
>> events per year only in german speaching regions. Same of them with big
>> impact like CeBIT. How many Events attent other Apache Projects here?
>>>   Maybe there is an opportunity to share
>>> space at a table and reduce costs?  Maybe we can help another project
>>> be represented at a conference where it is easy and cheap for one of
>>> our volunteers to attend, in return for them helping represent AOO at
>>> a conference we are not able to make?
>> Facing the fact Rob. The ASF Marketing has not enough financiel power to
>> serve OOo Marketing. Also the ASF is not realy interested in end user
>> Marketing. I like the ASF for development, but for Marketing we are at
>> the wrong place here.
>>> For 3rd party fundraising, we would need to tread very carefully here,
>>> in terms of trademark use, avoiding appearance of affiliation or
>>> endorsement, etc.  We can't have an outside group raising and spending
>>> money on behalf of an ASF project, claiming to speak for the ASF
>>> project at conferences, using a name that suggests affiliation with
>>> the ASF project, especially an exclusive relation, etc.  So I have
>>> serious doubts that an outside organization, with these constraints,
>>> would have much luck raising funds.
>> You have not to ask for donnations. I don't even think the organisation
>> outside Apache should be a association. It could be samething
>> semi-commercial like a corperative. I also don't like to reduce this
>> structure to a Marketing structur. This structure could also collect
>> money for feature implementation. This would be great, because small
>> companys has at the moment no chance to make the product better. They
>> are dammed to be visitors.
>> I see no problem with Apache in this point. We have not to grant this
>> organization exclousive rights. The only important thing is that we draw
>> a clear line between Apache and this/those organization/s.
> A serious recommendation: set up something on Yahoo Groups or Google
> Groups. Send a single note to this list saying that you are proposing
> a group to discuss the formation on an independent 3rd party
> organization to fund independent development and marketing activities
> related to Apache OpenOffice.  And then continue all further
> discussions on that list or whatever lists eventually come from that
> discussion.
> IMHO it is impossible to draw a clear line between the organizations
> while discussing them here on ooo-dev.  I don't oppose such an
> organization.  But I do want it to be truly independent.
> Make sense?
I see no problem, to discuse and share Ideas here. It's a good place to
find the people. But for discoussion about the setup wi should use othe
channels, that's right.

Greetings Raphael

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