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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice Developer Room (devroom) at FOSDEM
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 19:57:56 GMT
On 27/09/2012 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> I've just sent the devroom application. ...
> Our availability to share a joint devroom with other projects is stated
> in the proposal, so it will likely happen that FOSDEM organizers
> consider this option and make their recommendations accordingly.

And indeed this happened today: FOSDEM organizers, who received an 
application from Apache OpenOffice and one from LibreOffice, asked 
whether we can share a devroom. Of course this was already in our 
proposal, so I said it would be OK for us. Then a number of practical 
issues would have to be addressed, but there is time for it.

Thanks Juergen, Louis, Rob for raising the issue of a possible shared 
devroom while we were drafting the proposal: this saves a lot of time 
and discussions now. The shared devroom would have the tentative name of 
"ODF Offices".

For reference, I'm copying my answer below, and I hope I will be allowed 
to share the whole conversation here if it continues (but I don't think 
it will continue, at least on our side).
 > [Organizers ask whether we would consider hosting a shared
 > devroom]

Sure we would. While we can of course fill a whole day (and more) with 
Apache OpenOffice presentations, we had noticed your preference for 
shared devrooms and we had discussed it before I forwarded our proposal. 
I've nothing to add to what we already wrote:

'The Apache OpenOffice project is definitely willing to consider a
possible suggestion by the organizers for a joint "ODF editors" devroom,
dedicated to Apache OpenOffice and to the other Free and Open Source
editors using OpenDocument as their native format.'

Actually, I do have something to add: may I repost your messages from 
this discussion to the ooo-dev public discussion list? Apache OpenOffice 
takes all its decisions in public and by consensus, and I am just one of 
dozens of PPMC members. So it would be a bit awkward for me to discuss 
in private (if there is still need for it) and having to report in 
public for taking decisions.

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