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From chengjh <>
Subject [Review|Discussion]Numbering&Bullets Attributes Interoperability and Para End Mark
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 02:45:01 GMT

I would like to provide our solution of the issue described in [1] .You are welcome to
review and comment the fix patch [2] before I
commit the code changes into trunk.Thanks in advance.

*Problem Description:*
To some MS Word binary documents, the numbering and bullets looks same in
MS Word,but their attributes,such as the font size,font style,font
color..., will be different after being launched into Aoo Writer.They are
obvious fidelity issues.Please refer to the samples attached in test cases.

*Root Cause Analysis:*
As we know,MS Word provides the paragraph end mark,which is used broadly to
distinguish the attributes of text contents,attributes of paragraph and the
methods to handling flying objects anchoring,and so on..In this thread, we
will not outspread it,and will only focus on its impact on the numbering
and bullets attributes.In MS Word,there are two kinds of attributes that
will determine the final result of numbering and bullets applied to a
paragraph.One is the attribute that is applied to the whole text contents
of a paragraph;The other is the attribute that is applied to the paragraph
end mark,presented with 0x0D in MS Word binary document. Moreover, the
latter has higher priority than the former.Because Aoo Writer doesn't
support the same kind of paragraph end mark, the attributes of 0x0D will be
lost during loading a MS Word Binary document. At that time,the default
attributes of Aoo Writer will apply to the numbering and bullets instead of
the actual attributes of paragraph end mark.Thus, to the numbering and
bullets whose attributes are determined by the  paragraph end mark, the
fidelity will have problems.That's the reason.

When parsing the attributes of paragraph end mark(0x0D),the attributes will
be extended and set to the character style binding to the given level of a
number rule.Thus,the attributes of MS Word's paragraph end mark will apply
to the numbering and bullets in Aoo Writer successfully to keep the

*Negative Impact:*
Although most common user scenarios can be met by the solution,there are
still negative impacts for missing the equal paragraph end mark in Aoo
Writer.Because the attributes of paragraph end mark(0x0D) will be set to
the character style binding to the given level of a number rule,it will
have the global impact..Other paragraphs that are applied with the same
number rule's level will also be changed.Please refer to the Test Case 6,
the color of the bullet will be changed finally. Generally, MS Word users
will have their numbering/bullets the same attributes/style when using the
same level's of number rule,correspondingly,the impacted scenarios are

*Test Cases for The Patch:*

*PVT Test Result for the Patch:*

Best Regards,Jianhong Cheng

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