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From imacat <>
Subject Re: 3.4.1 Crashes on MacOS 10.7.4
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 16:24:28 GMT
On 2012/08/25 23:30, Fernando Cassia said:
> On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 7:18 AM, Rony G. Flatscher (Apache)
> <> wrote:
>>   * Problem at hand, some Java installation on Mac, which causes problems to one
person so far.
>>     Shooting in the dark and pointing to untested Javas for MacOSX is not a solution,
but adds to
>>     the grief. So, as long as there is no correct error/problem description, please
do not point to
>>     "solutions" that are none. Java on MacOSX has been *very* special from the day
that Apple
>>     tweaked it to get it into its UI and operating system the way Apple deemed to
be the "correct"
>>     way. Until Sun/Oracle has not completely implemented all aspects of that special
Apple Java
>>     support, and tested it and made a 32-bit version available to it, I regard any
>>     pointing to OpenJDK as adding confusion and problems to the table.
>> And a question ad MacOSX port of AOO:
> If you continue lecturing me on what is appropiate or not appropiate
> to suggest to users to solve their problems, I will have no choice but
> to leave this mailing list so that enlightened users like yourself can
> point to the "right answers".
> I apologize, then, for trying to help.

    Thank you, Fernando and Rony, for trying so much to help. ^^;

    I guess it's about 32bit/64bit integer transformation, though I'm
not sure.  Maybe memory leak with integer transformation?  Or falsely
assume the size of an integer?  What's NSPortCoder for?

12/8/25 12:16:52.533am soffice: Warning - conversion from 64 bit to 32
bit integral value requested within NSPortCoder, but the 64 bit value
18446744073709551615 cannot be represented by a 32 bit value

> FC

Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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