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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: Need to Revisit RAT Excludes and Wildcards
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 09:23:55 GMT

On 21.08.2012 14:34, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> Hi,
> On 21.08.2012 00:05, Dave Fisher wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> We are really getting ahead of ourselves.
>> We have a legitimate -1 IPMC vote on our release, it might get changed -
>> Marvin asked for confirmation that the IPMC votes are based only on the
>> official SOURCE release.
>> I looked again at the rat-excludes and we should look into a small handful of
>> binary files that slip through. Most are "test" files and should be OK, but
>> there are a small number that are not. If we have a plan to remove them and/or
>> show that they are unused and harmless it may be that Marvin will be convinced
>> to change his vote.
>> Someone should inspect these wildcards in the source tree
>> **/*.dbf
>> **/*.dbt
>> **/*.jar
>> **/*.zip
>> **/*.class
>> **/*.dll
>> **/*.exe
>> **/*.mdb
> I will have a look at the specific *.dll files which can be found in our source.

I have found the following *.dll files:
- group 1:
These are all text files with a "bad" file extension.
The content of these files more or less explain which DLL needs to be copied in 
the given folder as a prerequisite for building AOO under Windows.
Proposed solution: rename these files

- group 2:
These DLLs are part of the former testing framework. Investigation reveals that 
these DLLs were checked into the repository together with some sample text 
document files (*.sxw, XML file format). I did not find any 
reference to these DLLs.
Proposed solution: remove these DLLs

- group 3:
All these DLLs are build artefacts. The _X_X_X_ in the file name correspond to 
the OOo version for which the DLL has been created. See readme file 
I assume these former versions were kept in order to have the possibility to run 
the corresponding test also on former OOo versions.
Proposed solution: remove these DLLs

- group 4:
This is a build artefact which had been checked into the repository.
It looks like - I have searched the SVN log from OOo project [1] - that someone 
was not able to get this DLL build in OOo's environment.
It looks like that this DLL is needed for tool regutil.exe which can be build in 
./main/xmerge/source/regutil/. But as this is not part of our build.
Proposed solution: Remove completely the folders 
./main/xmerge/source/activesync/ and ./main/xmerge/source/regutil/

I will go ahead and apply the proposed solution on trunk.
Please raise your objections - svn commits can be easily reverted.

Best regards, Oliver.


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