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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [RELEASE]: update on RAT scans for AOO 3.4.1
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 17:20:40 GMT

I would like to give a short update regarding the RAT scans and the
problems with our build bots.

The build bots didn't worked reliable in the past but we are working on
it. The RAT scans on the build bots signaled potential problems that we
have analyzed.

The good news we are save here and let me explain why.

After figuring out that the nice RAT tool worked only on Linux
reliable, I was able to run a successful RAT scan on the src release.
You can find it under

The scan initially found 3 files that I will explain now:

Unapproved Licenses:

The 2 *.rej files were packed by mistake because I forgot to delete
them. They are not part of the svn repo but were produced by svn. They
don't have influence on the build or the resulting binaries
This file was introduced new to solve the download issues of external
packages and an appropriate header is missing. The file was created by
Andre and is of course under ALv2. Already fixed on trunk!

Regarding the 2 *.rej files I have packaged the src files again, signed
and upload them to clean up the RAT scan to include the
*.pl file only. Important to know that it was a simple replacking on the
same revison -> NO NEW REVISION -> NO NEW BUILD of the binaries is

The RAT scan is updated and includes now only the

I hope you agree that this is ok and that we don't have to rebuild the

How to run the RAT scan on your own.

1. download

and the RAT tool from

Furthermore you need a saxon xslt processor. It will be built during the
normal build of the office and you can find it main/saxon/<outputdir>.
But you can of course download it on your own.

1. adapt the paths in openofficeorg.xml to the aoo source and the RAT
tool. And potentially the path to the out put file.

2. run the RAT scan
ant -f openofficeorg.xml

3. convert the rat-output.xml to html
java -jar saxon9.jar -t -s:./rat-output.xml -xsl:./rat-output.xsl

For the future we will ensure that our build bots work correct and that
the RAT output remains clean.

The VOTE continues as planned!



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