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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE][3.4.1]: potential release blocker
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2012 14:44:05 GMT

On 02.08.2012 16:23, imacat wrote:
> On 01.08.02 07:31pm, Jürgen Schmidt said:
>> On 8/2/12 12:58 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>>> On 8/2/12 12:46 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>>>> On 8/2/12 12:24 PM, Dave Fisher wrote:
>>>>> On Aug 2, 2012, at 2:15 AM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>> imacat found a problem with the base application icon on windows.
>>>>>> I can verify this issue with the latest version based on r1367911
when I
>>>>>> do a clean fresh installation, no upgrade. If you run an upgrade
>>>>>> installation you don't see this problem and the icon is ok.
>>>>> You have the answer to the question I asked imacat just now.
>>>>> BTW - did you notice that the Draw icon was also missing in her screenshot?
>>>> no, I haven't noticed this, I was focused on the base icon ;-)
>>> and I know why I haven't noticed it, I have checked it again on my
>>> Windows machine and the only icon that is missing is that from Base ;-)
>>> I hate such problems...
>> I am still have no real idea what going wrong and I am rebuilding
>> currently the same version to ensure that it is no build problem (but I
>> hope it is :-)).
>> As I mentioned earlier when you watch the properties, you will see the
>> correct icon. When you now click on change icon and double click the
>> icon (which is the only available icon in sbase.exe) and apply the
>> change everything is ok in the Start Menu.
>> Even a restart of windows after the installation won't help.
>> I am no expert but I would guess that the icon in the Start Menu is
>> extracted from the exe where it seems to be ok.
>      Thanks, Jürgen.  I think this issue is serious in that:  It drew my
> attention not from the inside of the start menu, but from the recent
> applications shortcuts of the start menu.  See the attached picture.
> Windows 7 puts the first shortcut of the most recent installed
> application, at the recent application shortcuts of the start menu.  It
> is very large and obvious when user wants to run anything in Windows 7.
>      A detaled explanation of my case: I first upgraded from 3.4.0 to
> 3.4.1, and found this problem (alone with Draw).  Then I removed the
> previous version and did a clean install, and this problem still exists
> (alone with Draw).
>      I layed the icons a bit.  It seems that the Base shortcut only have
> problem when the icon is read from sbase.exe.  The shortcut icon of
> Base.lnk is fine if it is from scalc.exe, sdraw.exe or anything else.
> The same goes for Draw.lnk:  It only has problem when points to
> sdraw.exe, but not the others (sbase.exe, smath.exe, etc.)  Any other
> shortcuts (even those created by hand) work fine for both sbase.exe and
> sdraw.exe.
>      So I suppose the problem lies in the shortcut files Base.lnk and
> Draw.lnk.  How do we create these two files?  Shall we create them again?

I did the following:
- Window7 Professional, OOo 3.3 installed.
--> install AOO 3.4.1, r1367911
--> icons are visible

- Window7 Home Premium in VM, clean installation.
--> install AOO 3.4.1, r1367911
--> icons are visible

Thus, I can not reproduce the "missing icon" defect in the above scenarios.

I will perform the following use case:
- Windows7 Home Premium in VM, clean installation.
- install AOO 3.4
--> install AOO 3.4.1, r1367911

Stay tuned for the result.

Best regards, Oliver.

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