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From Fernando Cassia <>
Subject Re: Java
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 19:30:22 GMT
On Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 3:04 PM, Alexandro Colorado <> wrote:
> This is not missinformation, like you mentioned, it has only been anounced
> to be GPL about 6 months ago, GPL is not compatible with Apache license.

Do you have reading problems? Seems like it. If you follow this
thread, the OP talked about "rewriting the app in JavaFX" I answered
that  redoing the whole suite in Java was probably not worth it, as
it' d face lots of technical hurdles, and that I' d vote against it.

Then I said that perhaps doing a sub-project would be great, for
document viewers or perhaps a lightweight version of the suite, that
is, a spin-off project.

> Also is slower than C/C++

>, and is also true that most people actually want
> to take Java dependencies off the platform.

Oh yeah? When was the voting held? where can I look at the results?.

> A good example is the OOo4Kids
> and OOoLight fork which kicked Java out of the platform tom the very early
> version.

Gee, you' re in the wrong project, then. You should move to "Libre"
Office where many of the java-haters are. Because lots of Lotus
Symphony code, which will be integrated into AOO, is, gee, Java-based.


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