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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Java download link on AOO site
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 21:30:15 GMT
Hagar Delest wrote:
> Le jeu. 12 juil. 2012 21:19:50 CEST, Joe Schaefer
> a écrit :
>> Hagar is a committer, that comes both with certain rights and certain
>> responsibilities, the latter of which is to not bother others with work
>> he can carry out effectively himself.
> Don't tell me that since I'm a committer I've to comply with all the
> package that goes with it. Why doesn't Apache adapt to a project that is
> rather new for it, doing with a large user base and side areas like
> forums, NL teams, ...?

More than an "Apache way vs OpenOffice tradition" fight, this is about 
the role of volunteers. I find it perfectly acceptable that a volunteer 
chooses certain areas due to personal inclinations and neglects other 
non-vital areas: volunteering is supposed to be fun in the end. Likely, 
most committers have (or can reach) the technical knowledge to fix bugs, 
but this would be highly ineffective for most of them, and "Please learn 
C++ and fix it yourself" has been regarded so far, and should still be 
regarded, as offensive towards someone who is just reporting a bug or 
doing QA.

> So let's me say that I'm now really fed up with your lessons.
> So do what you want, I don't care. But forget about new blog posts from me.

I hope this eventually is forgotten and Hagar's contributions can 
continue as usual, but I'd say this is a natural outcome of this 
conversation. What else could come out of it? And do we really need this 
kind of discussions? The PPMC votes committers in because of merit, and 
it's very rare that a candidate's merits span all over the project: most 
times one can do a very relevant contribution by helping in the one area 
of the project he likes most (be it user support on the forums, or on 
the mailing lists, or localization, or programming...).


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