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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject [TRANSLATION][3.4.1]: update Pootle server to include new string for a new warning box
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2012 13:25:09 GMT

based on the discussion relating Windows 8 readiness etc. we have
identified 5 critical issues. And we have already started to work on
these issues and my plan is to have them all ready for a 3.4.1 that we
can decide at any time later if we want to move forward with the W8
support when we have everything in place in time.

For solving one of these issues we have to introduce a new warning box
which means that we have to translate a new string for 3.4.1.

I have updated the Pootle server already with the new string (17 words
only) and I would like to ask our translators to focus on this new
string as soon as possible (ideally this week).

Most important are the languages that we want release:

en-US ar cs de en-GB es fi fr gl hu it ja km nl ru sl pt-BR zh-CN zh-TW

and potentially "sk" where I have to update Pootle with the latest
available updates from Michal Hriň

The new string is in desktop - source - app.po

See for example for French"


"de" will be covered by myself ;-) because there is currently a problem
that I don't understand and that I have to solve.

To simplify the update I would prefer if the string get translated on
the Pootle server.

Please send me a short note when an updated or better a translation of
the string is available. I will take care of the integration.

If anybody have problems doing it on Pootle please let me know.


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