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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Commit message summaries
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 09:47:37 GMT
On 21.06.2012 10:17, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
> We have already introduced the Patch by, Review By .. fields for adding
> further information.
> How about logs like
> ####
> <issuenumber>:<issue subject line>

I agree that the issue subject line is better than nothing, but I prefer 
that the subject line is about why the change was made. See e.g. the six 
different changes for issue 118923. Why would anyone want the same 
change header for each commit when you can have a description instead 
that matches the change much better?

I'm also against using a bare issue number, because having a number that 
can be reliably parsed by eventual tools (e.g. a tool that updates 
bugzilla with the revision number, a tool that links the revision commit 
to the corresponding bug URL, etc.) is no extra effort whereas it opens 
a whole world of opportunities. I prefer that computers do such work 
that can be automated because they are rather good at that.

> fix:<short description/summary>

I like the commit conventions used in the linux kernel. Browse some 
"commit" links of the kernel shortlog at;a=shortlog
to see some examples.

> A common notation used by all would be of course helpful



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