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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Web Writer Difficulties
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 20:00:36 GMT
Hi Stephen,

Stephen Alrich Marshall schrieb:
> Hi,
> I routinely use Open Office Web Writer to write Html. Its advantage is
> that I don't get the message "You need to buy the plug-in to do that!".
> But oh the woes.
> Who wants to know what my concerns are? I have encountered some very
> serious problems. (Changes I make in html code are REMOVED by some sort
> of code-check engine.)

The Writer/Web module has not been maintained for a long time. Search 
Bugzilla for issues concerning Writer/Web to get an insight in the 

  I would like to find out how to tweak some of the
> built-in parameters. (Why on Earth are margins automatically set to .79
> inches?)

Because that is the equivalent to the default 2cm page margins?

  I would like to customize the code formatting engine to suit my
> particular tastes.

Another way for you is to write your documents in Writer and export it 
using the XHTML export filter. At the moment the filter transforms only 
simple page layout, but does it in a transparent and valid way. You can 
extend the filter by editing the xslt-files and need not to do anything 
in the core.

  If my placement of the cursor would persist across
> wysiwyg and code view changes, that would be so helpful! And then there
> is the search and replace engine... groan.
> Please connect me with the group which might be interested in the
> improvements I'm discussing.

Currently there is exists no "group" who works on Writer/Web. You would 
have to start at the very beginning. That means that you have to start 
improvements of the core yourself and then try to motivate other 
developers for such a task. But I personally doubt, that there is any 
interest in Writer/Web. In the years under Sun/Oracle there had even 
been discussions to drop Writer/Web totally in favor for an xslt-export 

Kind regards

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