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From Shenfeng Liu <>
Subject Re: The reason I removed the program called Open Office 3.4
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 12:07:07 GMT
One more question is: what's the behavior in 3.3? In my desktop, doc was auto-associated to
AOO 3.4, but not ppt or xls. It does not look like an intentional design. If it is just a
regression, I will suggest to simply rolling back to 3.3 for now.

- Simon

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在 2012-6-6,17:07,"O.Felka" <> 写道:

> Am 06.06.2012 10:33, schrieb Shenfeng Liu:
>> Juergen,
>>   Agree with you!
>>   My personal opinion is that it must be an explicit place for user to
>> choose the file association, in installer, or option dialog...
>>   Well, we need UX experts here...
> We should be aware that file association written by the Options dialog won't be removed
by the setup.
> The setup doesn't know the registry keys written by the application.
> Groetjes,
> Olaf
>> - Simon
>> 2012/6/6 Jürgen Schmidt <>
>>> On 6/6/12 4:17 AM, Shenfeng Liu wrote:
>>>> As I remember, it is the 2nd customer complaint we got on this issue. And
>>>> some of us (e.g. Jihui) has confirmed it. If that's the case, my question
>>>> is do we have a defect id to trace it? If no, let's create one. And I
>>> will
>>>> suggest it as 3.4.1 must fix.
>>> an issue is good but we should be careful and should define a potential
>>> new default in detail. How exactly we want define the new default,
>>> having 2 complaints is not much compared to thousand of Windows users.
>>> I don't say that we shouldn't change it but we should be clear of what
>>> we are doing. We can't change things every time when 1 single person
>>> don't like the default.
>>> Juergen

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