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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: questions about the "porting" project
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 01:37:03 GMT

On 2012-05-15, at 17:37 , Kay Schenk wrote:

> Hi all--
> I was just taking a look at the porting project site:
> could someone who is familiar with this project, and hopefully currently
> involved with it, fill us in on what the affiliation of the porters listed
> --
> were to the project? Were they committers, etc?
> And, if you could provide some idea of the usage numbers for each, if they
> were kept somewhere,  that would be great.
> Thanks.

I think I can probably answer most of the questions, as we did track those data, but not sure:
much of what was there is a) gone, b) old, really old.

That said, regarding the committers: See,

"Domain Developer," as you know, meant that one had access as a committer globally.

As to general ports, from memory:

1. Windows. > 95%
And then Mac OS X
And then, in the single digits, the rest.
(Linux distros., of course, included OOo and its variants.)

The old spreadsheets from the first few years are probably not quite accurate--they never
were--but suggestive of the breakdown then of "everything else". However, now, things are
quite a lot different, and past data ought not to prescribe present, let alone future behaviour.

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