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From jianlizhao <>
Subject 答复: about openoffice support on SVG ?
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 14:16:17 GMT
Hi,Armin :
thanks for you  replay.

I often deal with the digital camera file, its file format is RAW format,
I would like to develop an addon in the openoffice's write , through the addon  import RAW

Import new pictures to openoffice's write,  the same as Svg import. 

I see you develop SVG, no change openoffice's file format, and to maintain the compatibility
of the before and after, this realization of the idea of ​​a good.

I work on the C++ program development in Windows platform about 10 years, but not familiar
with the openoffice extension development. Therefore, I need your help.

Can you give me an addon examples code that the following functions

1) Click on the menu, display a dialog box, a text input box and a button in the dialog box

2) Click the button on the dialog box , display let users to select the RAW format files.

In this way, I only  consider the  program  procedure, rather than familiar with the addon

     Look forward to your reply.
                                  Best Regards!

发件人: Armin Le Grand [] 
发送时间: 2012年5月20日 19:37
主题: Re: about openoffice support on SVG ?

Hi jianlizhao,

jianlizhao <> wrote:
> Hello my friend,
> I ask you some question as below:
> 1) source code with support for SVG code, What programming language is used?

It's C++.

> IS   C + + or JAVA?
> 2) In order to support SVG features, which files additions and modifications
> to those source code?

The code is in the main/svgio module, I wrote it. What do you want to do?
Maybe I can help you or just support your needs. Have you read the blog
entry on it
(, it
explains some basic principles about it and how it is added to the office
processing (primitive usage).

> Thanks...
>  Best Regards!


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