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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject Re: Getting Started with AOO book
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 12:53:44 GMT
Jean, et al.

On 2012-05-01, at 06:23 , Jean Weber wrote:

> The lack of interest in this book is quite conspicuous, and very demotivating for me
to continue to work on it. I've put the updated draft chapters on the ODFAuthors website and
will put the compiled draft book there soon. Then I'll go back to my travel photos and to
the LibreOffice books. Someone can let me know if/when anything happens at AOO userdocs. Cheers,

One of the crucial elements for developing an ecosystem is to have available, free or not,
texts that enable regular users to get started: reference manuals, guides, whatever.

During OOo's days, we had a page that pointed people to the Authors' works, and it was accessed.
We also had other authors, outside of OOo, such as Solveig, who indirectly highlighted the
work being done by the Authors and, more generally, by the Documentation Project, under Frank
and Clayton and others.

My point: Let's redevelop the ecosystem. It needs several things, documentation is one of
them, but also the assurance that there is a code, there, that can be used and supported and
migrated to; and that will be developed and enhanced over time. 

Getting AOO 3.4 out will help immensely. Having immediately available documentation and guides
will help, too and in ways that are absolutely requisite for the sustainability of the project.

What we can do: There remain some support/service organizations around the world focused on
OO and not LO. Notifying them is a bit of pain, as their actual business is unclear to me.
But I can think of at least two, and I'm quite sure there are more.

Building a list of these is important. We had done something like this, with OOo's consultants'
list, but that was unusably large, perpetually out of date, and so on.

Having a list of actual providers seems better, but it also means instituting criteria for
addition; that is not hard, especially if the Apache OO project is *not* involved as such,
as I think it may deviate from the developmental and productive purpose we recognize, but
I could be quite wrong here.


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