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From 依瑪貓 <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL]: Apache OpenOffice Next-Gen logo...
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 03:01:59 GMT
As for the new logo, I would suggest to use a font that is distributed
on our logo page, just like the Liberation font OOo used before.  Having
the Windows/Mac user to find and download the font is not a good thing.

On 2012/05/09 10:52, Michael Acevedo said:
> Hi,
> I have decided to move forward and give you an early preview of how I think
> we should move for the logo of Apache OpenOffice 4 which I think is the
> general consensus of the next major release of our project pending Apache
> approval. The logos I am proposing are basically the same but there are a
> few modifications to the current logo. Below is a description:
> AOO Next Logo Changes:
>    - The AOO Next logo has a smaller spacing between the letters and
>    changes the word "Apache" to "APACHE" in caps (idea taken from Kevin
>    Gringon's proposal in the Wiki).
>    - The color of the "APACHE" word is now gray (idea taken from Kevin
>    Gringon's Proposal in the Wiki).
>    - Integration of the "AOO" initials (for one of the logo proposals).
>    - Retirement of the Orb logo and substituting it with a refined concept
>    of the previous OOo logo prior verson 3.2.1. I did this new icon in a
>    conservative manner and I think it will fit best the next release of AOO as
>    it will match with the post AOO 3.4 Application (Writer, Impress, Calc,
>    etc.) icons. The new logo makes a nod to the post-PC era when it comes to
>    how an application icon now looks in our devices.
>    - Keep some commonality with the current Orb Centric logo by keeping the
>    name of the suite with the current font that is being used for our site's
>    logo.
> Without further waiting, I present to you my logo proposal for AOO 4.
> Please follow this link:
> Hope you like it and suggestions are welcomed. I would like to credit Kevin
> Gringon for the changes in terms of font spacing in the word "OpenOffice"
> and the "APACHE" word capitalization suggestions.

依瑪貓 imacat ^_*' <>
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