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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE] new DL test...needs review and comments, and probably correction
Date Mon, 07 May 2012 21:00:39 GMT
Am 05/07/2012 09:08 PM, schrieb Juergen Schmidt:
> On Monday, 7. May 2012 at 20:53, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>> Juergen Schmidt wrote:
>>>>>> [3.4.0_checksums.html]
>>> well a lot of room for improvements. The pages with the centered
>>> tables with different widths looks of course not really professional
>>> or what do others think?
>> Well, I'm glad that Marcus did it, it's not bad and it was very
>> relieving for me to be able to just link to it from the Italian download
>> page (which is much worse, by the way... but will gradually get better)
>> instead of copying and pasting the MD5SUMs as usual.
> I think more of an automatic generated table or table snippet  that can be easy used
in other pages as well (included translated pages). A unique design where only the language
changed makes a lot of things easier.

For the RC and Beta releases there was already an automatically created 
table with download links working. But not for the "other.html" webpage 
as there was no pattern that could be followed.

But even this is on the list for improvements as we now will release all 
languages and platforms as the same time. This will make things easier.

> It's indeed painful todo it manually, believe me I did often enough in the wiki in the
past weeks.
> When I like something at LibO then it is their cleaner webpage. But don't get me wrong
we can and will find our own way to provide a clean page in the future.
> It is not only the technical realization but also the design and I hope some volunteer
web designer will be interested to proof their skills here in the future ;-)

Yes, this would be also my wish. Best way to improve the design.


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