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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: What do we need to do in BZ after AOO 3.4 is released?
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 09:27:14 GMT
> Today, among the 100 version strings the users need to scroll through
> in BZ, we have "AOO340-dev".
> What do we want after we release AOO 3.4?
> Add AOO340?  (Or just rename AOO340-dev to AOO340?)
> Add AOO341-dev?
> Add AOO450-dev?

The versions are for reporting issues against, so bugs reported from end 
users will usually be against officially released versions such as AOO340.

With only one issue reported against AOO340-dev and that one bug still 
being a problem in AOO340 just renaming the old version AOO340-dev to 
AOO340 should fine. I took the liberty to do just that.

Having bugs filed against official releases makes reproducing a problem 
easier because the binaries are easily available and widely used.

I suggest that versions such as AOO350-dev should only be used to report 
problems that don't happen on released versions, e.g. if it is a 
regression or if it involves a new feature. This also means that we 
shouldn't add versions such as AOO341-dev to bugzilla as micro releases 
are only to fix problems in the released product and they are by 
definition reproducible in the released version.

I sincerely hope that we can update to bugzilla >=4.2 soon which has the 
major new feature that obsolete versions can be marked as such.

> Also, are there any "products" that can be removed or demoted to
> "components" under another product?   What we have now is simpler than
> what we had with OOo, but it is still very complicated with a lot of
> "dead wood" at the top level.

I like Regina's suggestions.


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