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From Roberto Galoppini <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Apache OpenOffice 3.4 community campaign
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 17:37:26 GMT
On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> It is late for this idea, since we are probably only a week away from
> release AOO 3.4.  But I think it is important to connect the dots on
> this.  Is anyone willing to help with this over the next few days?
> I'd like to have a page on the website to help enthusiastic OpenOffice
> users help us share the good news about Apache OpenOffice 3.4.   It
> would enable the individual blogger, or even a user who is an active
> social networking user, to help spread the news about the AOO 3.4
> release.
> As we know, enthusiasm is not always matched by time-to-spare,
> graphical skill, or deep knowledge about what is in the 3.4 release.
> So putting this kind of information together, in one place, where it
> is easy to consume and reuse, will be wonderful.
> Ideally, the page would have the following kind of content:
> 1) An AOO 3.4 "download" logo, that a blogger can use to link to
>  We have some proposed icons (from Drew)
> here:

Is there any consensus around which one to use, but for the download one?

> Maybe we can agree on one of these and get some common sizes rendered.
> We probably need translations as well.
> 2) A short description of what Apache OpenOffice 3.4 is, from
> perspective of a brand new user.  A paragraph or two, with some screen
> shots.  Something a blogger can reuse or adapt. Again, we'll need
> translations as well.
> 3) A short description of what is new in Apache OpenOffice 3.4, from
> perspective of an existing OOo users.  Again, screen shots, and
> translations.  No one has time to do original research.  Best to have
> the basic facts already written up and allow the blogger to reuse the
> information and add their own color commentary.

I might get our creative marketing guys to help to craft some
material, but I definitely need someone to tell us what's hot. I
believe we can provide especially Windows users with
good reasons to switch to the new release, right?

> 4) Some interesting factoids about how AOO 3,4 was made. Maybe touch
> on the new hosting of extensions/templates, # of lines of code
> changed, the change to Apache license, etc.  What are the "fun facts"?

About Extensions/Templates I'll write a blog entry at our SourceForge
blog, so that you can grab some text or point to it.

> 5) Any YouTube videos we want to link to?

As above, if we can get the gist of what's new we can create a simple video too.


> 6) A contact where they can go for more information.  Probably ooo-dev.
> 7) Anything else?
> Note that this is almost like a press kit or a  reviewers guide, but
> targeting community supporters of AOO rather than accredited
> journalists.  But a similar idea. Respect that they don't have time to
> dig this information out of a dozen places in our wiki.  If we want it
> to happen, we need to make it easy for them.
> So who's in with this?  We don't have time to debate this for a week.
> But if 2 or 3 others are willing to help, starting today, on these
> items, then I think we can pull it off.  Maybe get it all done, in
> English, targeting end of week, and then work on translations early
> next week?
> -Rob
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