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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Draft chapters of "Getting Started with AOO" need reviewers
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2012 16:58:11 GMT
Il 24/04/2012 16:28, Juergen Schmidt wrote:
> On Tuesday, 24. April 2012 at 21:56, drew wrote:
>> Why not join with the ODFAuthours folks and work together - this old
>> style of NL groups being a separate group - that was not really the best
>> way IMO for many things in the old

Oh sure, I wasn't in any way advocating segregation of NL projects. 
Just, in this very specific case, the ODFAuthors guide have a very 
well-defined and reasonable workflow: they are written in English first, 
and once stable they are translated into other languages.

>> This is gone now, it is a non-profit organization at ASF, there is no
>> reason to keep referring to the Italian group as a separate 'we' as you
>> do in your email.

No, that "we" is not separate at all: indeed, Italian volunteers who 
have the needed language skills and time availability already 
participated in creating the original English version of the ODFAuthors 
guides. I'm sorry if my phrasing gave a different picture.

>> Why not work so a document starts in Italian and is translated to
>> English, or Japanse or Swazi

Well, in this case it makes a lot of sense to start with an English 
version and then localize it in multiple languages. It's simply the most 
efficient way in this case.

> every contribution is helpful and welcome, independent of what it is.

We are in release mode now so I understand that bandwidth is limited, 
but indeed it is a pity that we still have volunteers in the pipeline; 
we (and this "we" refers to current commiters, and it includes me of 
course) should be more responsive in approving new committers and give 
them all the needed permissions to contribute effectively.


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