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From drew <>
Subject Re: Legacy Google Analytics on the website, missing privacy policies, etc.
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 01:10:58 GMT
On Wed, 2012-04-25 at 20:44 -0400, Rob Weir wrote: 
> I found some more legacy GA issues:
> 1)  The wiki ( is using GA, with an
> account number UA-1087265-7.  This is not under the control of the
> PPMC.  I assume it is some legacy Sun/Oracle account.   We should
> update this.  Also, the wiki's privacy policy is empty, meaning we've
> been out of policy for a while now.    So I went in and added the
> necessary language to the privacy policy, based on what we're already
> using on
> But we still need the GA codes updated to our account.  I'll enter a
> JIRA issue for that.
> 2) Next, the support forums, start with the main page
> ( and in each individual forum,
> are using Google Analytics as well, with account UA-1087265-8.
> Again, this appears to be an old Sun-era legacy account, not under
> PPMC control.  That page (and the forum pages) points to a legacy
> Oracle terms of service that needs to be updated.   I don't think the
> privacy statement is adequate from a GA perspective either.  I don't
> have permissions to modify these pages, but I'm happy to help provide
> GA codes, and privacy policy text to anyone who does.

huh - I was sure that was gone form the actual forums - it was supposed
to be - actually I was sure it was. Your right though it's there in the
footer much for being sure.

The landing page I knew about, I mentioned it on the list a few times.
Speaking of which I sent the updated pages for update (not sitting in my
drafts any longer), but never heard anything back - maybe I should
attach them to a JIRA issue instead.

Anyway - I'm still curious about what you mean by the GA account under
PPMC control - I understand from some of you other emails that you do
not simply mean it is held by a PPMC member? Which is a way of saying
that this is time of setting precedents and a golden opportunity to lead
by example.


> 3) Finally,  I found two other GA accounts that were previously used
> by the project, but are not currently in use:
> UA-1087265-6
> UA-1087265-1
> If we decide to use GA there, we should be sure to use the new GA
> account codes, not the legacy Sun ones.
> Thanks!
> -Rob

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