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From drew <>
Subject Re: 200x67pxRe: [WWW] New AOO logo source files now available in the Wiki...
Date Sat, 07 Apr 2012 03:52:14 GMT
On Sat, 2012-04-07 at 11:27 +0800, Kevin Grignon wrote:
> Hey all,


> In support of the immediate requirements, consider the following:
> - recreating the existing logo and logotype in vector does take some time
> - maintaining a vector source file allows us to render a clear, crisp logo of any size
on demand
> - as a stop gap, consider recreating the logo and logotype in raster at a very large
size, then we can resize smaller, on demand, to required sizes

Hi Michael, Kevin

Michael was good enough to do that, create the large bitmaps, yesterday
- copies received by Rob and Myself, he may have put that to the wiki
also. I will check in a bit and if not, I'll just move what Michael sent
to there.

> Moving forward, I feel that
> - AOO 4.0 presents a great opportunity to rebrand once the project migration has settled
> - we should limit 3.4 recreation effort and focus more on 4.0 opportunity
> - simply deliver base graphic requirements to 3.4. 

That sounds like a good general plan.

Best wishes,



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