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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: [WWW] Tutorial to put online
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 23:25:32 GMT
Hi -

What type of file are you wanting to upload and where do you want to put it in the tree?

Also, both Joe and I have been watching the commits and have some advice.

Joe's advice is to look at to avoid publishing too

Mine regards the way you are using index.xhtml to bypass index.html to translate the navigation.
You are working against the site design.

Here is what you would do to effect all of the FR site at once for translated branding and
navigation buttons:

(1) Create trunk/templates/fr/ssi.mdtext from templates/ssi.mdtext

doctype: /doctype.html
brand:  /brand.html
footer: /footer.html
topnav: /topnav.html
home:           home

Change /brand.mdtext to /fr/brand.html
Change /topnav.mdtext to /fr/topnav.mdtext

(2) Copy /trunk/content/brand.mdtext from content/brand.mdtext

home:           home
search:         search
name:           Apache OpenOffice (incubating)
tagline:        (incubating) | The Free and Open Productivity Suite
logo:           AOO_logos/AOO_orb1_new.jpg
divid:          bannera

Translate the first four parameters.

(3) Copy /trunk/content/topnav.mdtext from content/topnav.mdtext

divid:  topnava

- [Product][m0]
- [Download][m1]
- [Support][m2]
- [Extend][m3]
- [Develop][m4]
- [Focus Areas][m5]
- [Native Language][m6]

[m0]:     /product/index.html                                           "Apache OpenOffice
product description"
[m1]:     /download/index.html                                          "Download"
[m2]:     /support/index.html                                           "Find Support for"
[m3]:     /extensions/index.html                                        "Extensions and Templates
for OpenOffice"
[m4]:   "Get involved in Apache
OpenOffice (incubating)"
[m5]:     /projects/accepted.html                                       "Apache OpenOffice
development focus areas"
[m6]:     /projects/native-lang.html                                    "Apache OpenOffice
in your Native Language"

Translate and modify as you require.

Commit all three changes at once and the whole of the FR part of the site takes these changes
at once. O(1) operation.

If you would like I'll create the mdtext files and then you can translate.

On Apr 4, 2012, at 1:58 PM, FR web forum wrote:

> Bonjour,
> Actually, I refresh our french website pages.
> I would like to add some new tutorials for our users.
> But I don't know how can I upload it.
> Should I use an FTP or another way?
> Thank you for help

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